Vin Verifier

A VIN verification is a physical inspection of the vehicle’s unique identification number for titling and registration, and is also a good idea before a used vehicle purchase.

One way that dishonest or unethical sellers can get around information provided by a VIN check is to alter a vehicle’s VIN number. Often these sellers will replicate an existing vin, which involves taking license plates or VIN numbers from registered vehicles and placing them on stolen property. The stolen VINs can be used to change or forge title documents and alter the car’s actual history before sale.

A Vehicle Verification is always required for:

  • Registration of a vehicle last registered out of state.
  • Re-registration of a previously “junked” or “salvaged” vehicle
  • Registration of a specially constructed motor vehicle or trailer.
  • Any vehicle for which the department does not have a record, except a new vehicle reported sold by a licensed California dealer
  • Recording an engine change, or change from engine number to vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Assignment of an identifying VIN number by DMV.
  • When the VIN shown on certificates is different from the VIN shown on file. This includes vehicles being junked.


Liberti’s Auto Electric is a licensed Vin Verifier in the State of California

*Licensed vehicle verifiers cannot do the VIN inspection for revived salvage, revived junk, specially constructed vehicles, or motorcycles with an unavailable California record (last registered in California but record no longer appears on the department’s database).

If you need Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) verification to buy or sell a vehicle or to register a vehicle from another state, please call Liberti’s Auto Electric at 408-263-3339.

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